我: Hi, shopify team, please help us to look into my store, which was mistakenly shut down in 10 mins, whose url is  .I just checked my owner email but find nothing related. Please help! thx


Round 1


我:Hi, Sadie,

So disappointed to see this coming as we really running a decent business by providing our customers personalized gift.

We konw you have your rules, but we believe that you made mistake at this case without even an email for a month.

You took so long to make this decision, it’s almost a whole month, and we literally did nothing wrong and nothing risky or anything violate shopify rules.

At last, we want out domain back as we could not enter the admin backend to unbundle it, please help to make the move.

We will keep our clean, legit and responsible business, to prove that you’re wrong.





Round 2

我:Hi ,Sadie,

Same thing here, this one could more ridiculous as this store was created last Friday and still on buliding process and nothing violation happened.

Anyway, please help to unbundle the domain, thanks and we would workhard to prove that we are legit merchant from A to Z



Round 3




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